Boys From The Blackstuff

Alan Bleasdale’s BOYS FROM THE BLACKSTUFF by James Graham Gizza job. Go on, gizzit, go ‘head, giz it if you’ve got it, giz it, I can do it. Giz it then. Go ‘head, gizza job.  This is 80s' Liverpool. Chrissie, Loggo, George, Dixie and Yosser are used to hard work and providing for their families. But there is no work [...]

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A Greasy Spoon

Devilishly Good Food is just your average, everyday, normal caff. Regular staff and regular hours for Mandy and Shannon. They need to get the doors open for the customers but there is a bit of cleaning up to do first. Well, a lot of cleaning up really. They’ve just murdered their boss, you see. Things can escalate quickly in the world [...]

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Vernons Girls

In Liverpool in the 1950s more than 6,000 women are working in Vernons, checking the pools coupons and enjoying singing in the choir. In 1956 Rock n Roll explodes in Liverpool and the world changes. Suddenly these ordinary young scouse girls are performing for audiences in their hundreds and thousands all around the country and in the new and exciting [...]

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A Thong for Europe

Lulu (Lindzi Germain) lives in Waterloo and is the biggest Eurovision nut that you will ever meet. Conceived to the beat of ABBA’s tambourine, she only drinks Bucks Fizz and Sonia had to take out a restraining order against her in 2002. When Liverpool won the right to host the competition, she knew that this was her big chance to [...]

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Bingo Star

Eyes down and look in for a Royal Court comedy with a big difference. Not only is it packed with 80s’ hits but there are three play-along bingo games with the chance for the audience to win £150 at every performance! Arthur has been running Bingo Star for the last fifty years. People might talk about change but he likes [...]

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