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In Liverpool in the 1950s more than 6,000 women are working in Vernons, checking the pools coupons and enjoying singing in the choir.

In 1956 Rock n Roll explodes in Liverpool and the world changes. Suddenly these ordinary young scouse girls are performing for audiences in their hundreds and thousands all around the country and in the new and exciting world of TV.
Join 16 year old Peggy in a show that celebrates the sheer joy of being a teenager at such an exciting time. Glamour, celebrities and great music all combine for the birth of a Liverpool rock and roll story to match any other.
The show is packed with music from the Rock n Roll era including hits from the likes of Billy Fury, Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee Lewis, Marty Wilde, Cliff Richard and Buddy Holly.
This is the story told by the girls who were there so come with them on their journey for a great night out.

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