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The Big History weekend is returning! Throughout the weekend visitors will get the opportunity to explore Liverpool and Merseyside’s history through a variety of stalls, exhibitions and talks from guest speakers – with representatives from a whole host of local history, heritage and family history groups from across Merseyside in attendance.

Saturday 29th April:

11 am: Steve Binns MBE will host Should Liverpool Have Built St George’s Hall?Steve poses the question, and has some interesting and varied answers!

1 pm: Looking for the Fourth Beatle – The Search for The Beatles 18 Drummers is presented by David Bedford. Yes, you know about Ringo Starr, and probably Pete Best and a couple of others. But can you name 18 drummers who played with the group from The Quarrymen to The Beatles?

2pm: The Local History Question Time Panel comprising of Ken Pye, Ian Murphy, Steve Binns MBE and Richard MacDonald give audience members the chance to pose their local history questions to a panel of expert historians, who may just know the answer!

3pm: Dean Johnson will be treating the audience to his talk -The Lost Everest Mountaineers of Birkenhead. In words and music, the story of George Mallory and Sandy Irvine… Did they conquer Everest before Hilary and Tensing? Come along and you might just find out!

Sunday 30th April:

11am: Gavin Chappell kicks things off on Sunday with the unique story of theWirral Smugglers. The talk will coverthe fascinating story of the communities of smugglers that plagued the Wirral coats during the 17th and 18th centuries, on both the Dee and the Mersey.

12 noon: Ken Pye returns for day two with Curious and Amazing Tales of Merseyside. This talk will be a glorious mixture of funny, fascinating and historically accurate tales from across the City. It is expected to be a very entertaining and surprising talk – one not to be missed.

1pm: Claire Moorhead will present the story of Joseph Williamson and his subterranean excavations in Tunnels of Joseph Williamson at Edge Hill in Liverpool.

2pm: Spencer Leigh will dive into the fun and exciting history of The Cavern Club with 60 Years of The Cavern.

3 pm: A Tale of Two Shipwrecks

When the William & Mary wrecked in the Bahamas in 1853, Captain Stinson attempted to commit mass murder; when the White Star Line’s ‘Victorian Titanic‘ sank near Dublin a few months later, Captain Noble tried to save everyone on board.  Find out more about some of the heroes and villains hiding in Merseyside’s maritime history!

Tickets cost £2 and can be bought on the door or in advance at The Heritage centre Shop.

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