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But our dragon is missing!

Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd April 12-4.30

Starts at Lime Street Station with finale on St George’s Plateau


Students of LJMU will reclaim the role of the dragon, animating the cultural sites of Saint George’s Quarter as we invite the audience to join us in our quest to find the dragon. She is very shy. And despite all rumours, she is not evil. On route to find her, the forgotten will be remembered and brought back to life. Statues will claim their rightful places. We will have to journey to the heart, soul, mind and stomach of the missing Dragon to find her…and we will need to be fearless. Come and help us as we celebrate the rich cultural history of this beautiful area and give voice to the stories that have slipped and seeped through the cracks. The lost property man will lead the way…if only we can persuade him to be brave enough….


Events include:

St George himself (one time star of his own pantomime) tours the theatres and the streets in search of his part and discovers some tales on the way

An audio tour of St Johns Market where the Liver Bird used to reign supreme and where clubs beat out the rhythm of a city.

An unusual tea party at Queens Square.

A lesson at the library with Snow White and the seven dragons.

The Ballad of the Lost Property Man.

Tilly Mint returns to the Quarter.

Enter the maze of the Dragon and experience a sensory world of strawberry fields and songs that you will find it hard to get out of your head.

Shadow puppetry tells dragon tales from around the globe.

A puppet booth pops up in the children’s garden.

Women start to gather on street corners – Bessie Braddock, Kitty Wilkinson, Eleanor Rathbone, Maggie May, Mary Bamber, the Greek goddesses holding up St George’s Hall. The suffragette Patricia Woodlock sales past in a chariot. Eleanor Rigby offers her advice on taking your place as a statue. What could these ‘dragons’ be up to?

A choir sings. Drummers drum, calling forth the Shy Dragon

Maybe she can be persuaded to speak….

But what has she got to say?


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